Tuesday, June 21, 2011


To perform poetry well there has got to be a good source of enthusiasm. It is a little like acting, but with less pain. If performing ones own work or of an artist of interest than one does not have to worry about memberizing, so there is less pain involved. The least worries helps to perform enthusiasticly. Also, a performer has got to know how to act out emotion. For example: if a character is enthusiastic about a subject than one has to perform as such. Performing poetry does not just involve ones voice, but it is always more interesting as a viewer to watch a performer who does more than just stand there. A performer has to know how to use facial expressions to better express, and also projecting with their arms. It is important to remember never to project ones arms too much, but just enough that it does not distract from the performers facial expression.

Secondly, as a performing artist one may as well would think it necessary to dress the part. For example: if an African American Performing Artist is preparing to recite than that artist may prefer to dress in african attire, or some attire that may better express the topic of whatever they are reciting. It is too important to remember not to over dress because going too far could take some attention off of ones performance and on to the attire.

Lastly, as a performing artist some may find it annoying to have to use printed copies of the poetry they are reciting, because having printed copies could cause one to lose focus. Keeping ones focus is important because a performer has got to have good eye contact. Good eye contact develops good relationship with the viewers and the performer. A performer could at anytime lose their place while trying to follow along with their eyes and keep good eye contact at the same time. Relying on ones paper to perform poetry (though I still do it myself) is a turn off for many viewers.

Following the above instructions could help a performer better perform poetry whether new or experienced.

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