Sunday, June 12, 2011

Pft , HOLIDAY is OVER , tommoro will be a new DAY foe me, SPM victim :)

laaalaalal, SALAM :)
ouhh. I had enuf times of holiday. TWO WEEKS . lol. lama tu.hehe
I wass soo glad with the holiday sebab I had fulfilled it with a usefull things such a LEPAK-ed with my frens and what sso ever. And also pergi english classs for a week. lol

mg cool gilaa class tu eh :) heh, the teacher who is taught us ,it was funny and I like her :) hee

eghrrr. HANGOUT with my frens was ssosoooososososo AAWEESOME :P

we had watched
What ever it is kekadang rase tk puas hati jugaa dgn cutiee tu. ahah.

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